Trader Horn Online is a Gauteng based business in South Africa. We source hides and skins from the best hunters and tanneries throughout the country. We only deal in hides and skins derived from non-threatened and non-protected species. The tanneries produce soft hair-on hides and all products are graded according to size, condition of skin and hair. We guarantee our products and can offer different grades of hides.


Aloysius Smith, better known as Trader Horn, lived and hunted in Africa for many years. He was ahead of his time in his concern for the wellbeing of Africa’s wildlife. He was deeply concerned by the wholesale killing of our game animals in the nineteenth century. Although an excellent hunter, he shot animals only for the pot.

It has become the urgent task of successive generations to preserve South Africa’s precious game animals. The first game reserve was the Kruger National Park in the Limpopo province, followed by many more all over the country. We now have many privately owned game farms specializing in the breeding and preservation of our wild animals. Every year, during the hunting season, selected animals are legally culled by specialist hunters. This is to avoid overgrazing of the land and inbreeding. Some funds from the sale of hides and skins goes back into further conservation.


All our hides and skins are derived from herbivores that often have to flee to escape predators. In doing so their hides can become damaged by thorn bushes. All hides supplied have a NON-CITES Conservation Permit and a treatment declaration.

Our shipping is done by a specialist company who have twenty years experience in the transportation of trophies and skins. All shipments are insured and the shippers have the best in tracking services.

We offer the following:

We are sure that you would like to see images of our mounted skins and hides. Please email us for further information and they will be sent to you.
Zebra are available at all times in all grades. Other species according to stock and quantity required.
Zebra prices are valid for one year from 1st January 2017. Other species are subject to change with notice.

Prices exclude VAT, VAT not applicable if hides are exported. 
Prices exclude transport, couriers and shipping.
Orders are payable on Invoice.
PAYPAL accepted.  



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